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Life at Mira Vista

by Dick and Mary Brown

Mary and I retired in 2011. We had made plans to find a place to settle that had three criteria: it had to have no snow to plow, no grass to mow, and a “no clothes required” life style. We visited Florida, but it was over-developed, had too many bugs and was way too humid, but Tucson Arizona appeared as the best fit for our needs and desires. Tucson has a lot to see and do outside the resort.

We were the first full -time residents of the “The Casas” at Mira Vista and life has been great. I won’t go through a laundry list of what’s here, rather let me describe a typical Friday.

We are usually early risers. We do like to lie in bed and listen to the birds at sun-rise. We get up (no reason to get dressed) and watch the news and weather, followed by a trip to the gym (walk of about a hundred feet). The gym accommodates both weight training and cardio-vascular fitness. The equipment array is extensive. Some days Mary and I ride our bikes. The driveway around the resort is .4 miles. If you haven’t tried nude cycling, you should. We are not runners, but if that’s your thing, Mira Vista can accommodate it.

We enjoy coffee on our patio watching the sun rise over the Catalina Mountains. I like to rock back in the patio chair with my Kindle for an hour or two of sun. We get more sun and a swim in the afternoon in any of the three pools or a soak in the hot tub.

Friday evenings we enjoy having friends in for a glass of wine, before we head to the restaurant for dinner. The chef, “Ms. Vic,” is an accomplished master of the kitchen. After dinner, we head to the club for a drink and karaoke with Harry G. (So, it’s Harry-oke if you please.) Some of the singers are actually pretty good. We are not late night folks, so we head back to the condo by nine or ten o’clock. If the karaoke is still going strong, we can’t hear it. We do get occasional coyote serenades at night.

Notice that I never said anything about clothes. The only thing I wear is a cap and sandals.

It’s a great life!