Mira Vista Resort Nude Recreation





Mira Vista – Your Premier Clothing Optional Resort

Mira Vista has guests of all ages, races, shapes and sizes.

They are a typical cross-section of the general public, with maybe just a little more willingness to try new and different experiences. Nudity tends to have an equalizing effect on people.

You probably imagine that you’ll feel self-conscious or uncomfortable being undressed around other people. You will be surprised at just how much discomfort you put up with in most clothing. Being comfortable means not having to worry about where your swimsuit is slipping or sliding. It’s realizing that it’s silly to sit around the pool in a wet, soggy suit when you’re practically naked anyway. We spend a lot of time adjusting clothing. Imagine not doing that or thinking about it all day. Now, that’s freedom!

Some of you might be comfortable with the idea of going to a place where you will see nude people, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to join in. Usually, that apprehension disappears pretty quickly, but if not, here are some suggestions for “nudist clothing” that won’t look too conspicuous: A long t-shirt, beach cover-up, sarong or towel will do just fine. Regular street clothes tend to stand out quite a bit, particularly on hot days.

Mira Vista is clothing-optional in all areas except the pool area, where the policy is nude use only.

Day Fees $28 affiliated $35 non-affiliated.  Day pass is 9am to 9pm, register before 5pm.

Please call us!  We are happy to arrange a tour and answer your questions.

(520) 744-2355